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  • Signum by Mannok

    100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable

    • A true circular economy solution
    • Fully and easily recycled
    • Made from up to 100% recycled material
    Signum by Mannok Meat Tray
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Signum® by Mannok

Signum by Mannok offers retailers, food processors and consumers a viable solution to achieving a true circular economy for PET fresh meat packaging with a superior quality, mono material packaging product.

  • Improved environmental credentials

    100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Made from up to 100% recycled PET material, Signum by Mannok can be fully recycled back into clear PET food packaging products as part of a circular economy.
  • OPRL “Widely Recycled” Classification

    Signum by Mannok trays are classified as “Recyclable”, the pinnacle of OPRL guidelines. OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) guidelines provide consumers with help and support on the recyclability of packaging products.

“Consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions. With Signum we are offering the market a tray that has up to 100% recycled material content and is 100% recyclable back into new food grade trays.

This is the ultimate solution for a fully circular economy.”

-Mark McKenna, General Manager of Mannok

    Signum by Mannok: A Circular Economy Packaging Solution

    Signum by Mannok is made from up to 100% recycled PET, making it a mono material product which can be fully recycled.

    Traditionally MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) trays used for fresh meat applications were manufactured from PET with a laminated PE layer. This PE layer was necessary to achieve a high strength seal between the tray and the lidding film, an essential element to ensure extended product shelf life.

    Whilst these PET/PE trays were recyclable, the PE layer mixed with the PET in the recycling process [when re-melted] producing a ‘milky’ material. This resulted in clear PET/PE trays being unsuitable for new clear applications.

    With Signum, the PE layer has been replaced by an adhesive coating that is selectively applied around the rim of the tray. This adhesive achieves the same high strength seal as a PET/PE tray provides, but importantly the adhesive coating is easily removed during the post-consumer recycling process ‘Hot-Wash’ stage.

    The result is a clear PET tray that can be fully recycled back into further clear PET trays. A true champion of the circular economy!