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DETECTA by Mannok

  • Fully recyclable black plastic packaging
  • Commercially viable
  • Suitable for food packaging applications
  • Made with up to 100% recycled materials
DETECTA by Mannok Meat Tray
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DETECTA® by Mannok

DETECTA® by Mannok (patent pending) is a uniquely formulated black PET food tray which is fully recyclable, developed by us to address the issues with recycling black plastics.

DETECTA® by Mannok can be seen, sorted and recycled by Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) with existing equipment, providing the first real possibility of a circular economy for black plastic packaging.

This new solution is also commercially viable and fully suitable for food packaging applications, which is essential to ensure this is a viable solution for the retail industry.

DETECTA® by Mannok can enable the environmental benefits of recycling black plastics to be fully realised, with the potential to divert thousands of tonnes of black plastic from ending up in landfill each year.

In addition, DETECTA® is also made from up to 100% recycled materials, making this as environmentally friendly as possible.

For any parties who are interested in DETECTA® by Mannok please contact us on +353 49 952 8050

How it Works

Standard black PET trays are made using a carbon black colour additive. Material Recovery Facilities use NIR (Near-Infra-Red) Optical Sorting Equipment to identify and sort various waste streams items including PET plastic. Standard black PET trays made with this carbon black colour additive absorb the infra-red beams meaning the trays cannot be identified and removed for recycling.

The DETECTA® by Mannok range of black PET trays are made with a uniquely formulated colour additive. Material Recovery Facilities can now easily identify and remove these black PET trays using existing sorting equipment meaning trays can now be recycled.

Repak, who operate the packaging recovery compliance scheme for Ireland under licence from the Irish Government, have endorsed the DETECTA® product and consider it an important breakthrough in helping meet new EU targets on plastic waste.

“The EU Action Plan for a Circular Economy has a recycling target of 75% for packaging waste by 2030. To allow us to achieve this we need a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, identify where problems exist and then work together to bring forward solutions.

DETECTA® by Mannok is a perfect example of this. We have worked closely with both the retail and the waste recycling sector to develop a new black PET tray that can be recycled.

A great illustration of packaging design for recycling.”

-Brian Walsh, Packaging Technology Executive at Repak