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Orbital® by Mannok

Orbital by Mannok is a food packaging solution produced using 100% recycled PET material, eliminating the non-recycled plastic found in the majority of PET food packaging. Orbital is certified by the European Food Safety Authority as fully suitable for food packaging applications.

Traditionally, PET food packaging was manufactured using a combination of virgin PET polymer and recycled PET material. The virgin PET polymer was used in the outer layers of the packaging for food safety purposes, ensuring the food did not meet the recycled PET material

We produce recycled PET packaging which is safe and fully suitable for food contact, eliminating the need for the layer of virgin polymer for food protection. This is due to the PET extrusion systems at Mannok, namely the patented Vacurema recycling system from Erema. This system allows the use of non-food grade recycled post-consumer PET material to make food grade PET sheet. Eliminating the requirement for virgin PET has allowed us to manufacture food grade PET packaging made from 100% recycled material, Orbital by Mannok.

The sophisticated Vacurema recycling system is fully integrated with Mannok’s extrusion lines, enabling all functions, including decontamination, to be performed in one process and producing 100% recycled food grade sheet with stable viscosity in a much more efficient process.

Orbital by Mannok allows retailers to offer sustainable packaging solutions with 100% recycled content and is part of our suite of innovative products which have been developed to tackle some of the issues with the recyclability of plastic packaging and move towards a true circular economy.

For any parties who are interested in Orbital by Mannok please contact us on +353 49 952 8050

“Our 100% recycled product has been developed to meet demand from retailers and consumers to offer the most sustainable packaging solutions. Previously, all our packaging products contained a combination of virgin PET and recycled PET. With Orbital, you can have achieve 100% recycled material content.

We have a responsibility to provide solutions to the food processing and retail industries which allows them to move to more sustainable options. It is the increasing demand for such solutions which has driven us to develop three innovative new products, all of which have improved environmental credentials, including Orbital by Mannok.”

–Richard Wild, UK Sales Manager