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Archive 2022/7

Mannok Hosts World First Trials of New Recycled Material

Mannok recently hosted NEXTLOOPP for trials of its new recycled post-consumer polypropylene (PP) material.  The trials, which were a world first, represented a major milestone for the NEXTLOOPP project as it aims to close the loop on PP food packaging. Mannok joined the mission to develop food-grade recycled PP packaging in 2021 when it became […]

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Busy Bees at Mannok: Packaging Team Looks After Three New Developing Honeybee Colonies

Mannok’s Packaging team has established three new beehives at the front of its facility to house three developing native Irish honeybee colonies. The colonies have each tripled in size since their arrival, and there is now approximately 150K new honeybees busy producing honey on site. The new honeybee colonies mark a significant step in the […]

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