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Food Packaging Films

We specialise in producing bespoke plastic food packaging for a range of markets, including meat and poultry, dairy, produce and convenience foods. With over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing packaging, we have an expert in-house New Product Development Team to help create your bespoke product design from initial concept to full production.

Working with some of the largest food producers and supermarkets across the UK and Ireland, we understand the demand to deliver quality products in a timely and cost effective way. We pride ourselves on our product development process, which allows us to bring our customers’ concepts to life, fast.

The quick turnaround times we work within, together with the expert guidance through every stage of the product development process and our ‘can do’ attitude, has earned us the trust and loyalty of some of the biggest names in the food processing and retail industries. When it comes to developing bespoke food packaging, this is what sets us apart, and this is why we have built a strong reputation in this area.

Range of Markets

We currently cater for a number of markets within the food industry, producing packaging for the meat and poultry, dairy, produce and convenience foods, giving us a broad range of experience.

With an innovative company culture, we’ve entered a number of new markets in the last 25 years, something which we are always open to.

Bespoke Designs

We design the packaging around your product, so it is presented in the best way. Our team can advise on the most practical solution, looking not only at achieving the right functionality, shape, size and depth, but also considering cost effectiveness and practicality. Working together, we can ensure the right packaging design for your needs.