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MAP Meat Trays

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MAP Meat Trays

As one of the UK and Ireland’s leading producers of thermoformed meat trays, our products are supplied to all major UK supermarkets. Some of the largest meat processing companies have chosen us as their supplier due to our ability to produce quality meat trays, and the agility to supply large commercial volumes with short lead times. The meat industry demands high quality packaging, with consumer appeal and a focus on extended shelf life. We have world class expertise in the MAP field, and offer a wide variety of stock MAP meat trays, or can help design and manufacture bespoke packaging.

Extended shelf life

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) meat trays were developed to improve shelf life without the need to use preservatives. Our trays are manufactured using multi-layer thin gauge sheet, which supports extended shelf life. With superior barrier properties, our PET/PE meat trays are specifically designed to help keep meat fresh for longer.

Consumer Appeal

The aesthetics of any consumer packaging must have shelf appeal, so our expert design team can help to develop the right packaging to present your meat products in the most appealing way. Our meat trays have excellent clarity for presentation of meat, and we offer a huge variety of colours, with the full range of pantone colours available. For even greater outstanding appeal, we can produce MAP meat trays with additional colour design features, such as marbling or wood effect.


As consumer demand for more eco-friendly products and packaging increases, it is an important consideration for meat processing companies and supermarkets. Using the patented Vacurema recycling system from EREMA, which is incorporated in our PET sheet extrusion system, all MAP meat trays we produce have a high recycled content, without compromising on the quality and strength of the end product.