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Meatball Trays

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Meatball Trays

As with all our thermoformed products, our meatball trays are manufactured from internally produced PET/PE sheet. This in-house manufacturing capability gives us complete control over quality assurance, and gives our customers extra surety on the quality standards of our products.

With a range of stock products to choose from, designed for quantities of 6 to 60 meatballs, we can produce large commercial volumes of meatball trays with a short lead time.

We combine streamlined processes with over 25 years of expertise, and sophisticated in-house technology, to produce meatball trays to a very high quality standard. We do this on a large scale, in the most cost effective way, which is why our meatball trays are supplied to most of the UK’s major supermarkets.

As a supplier to major brands across the UK and Ireland, we understand the demand for more environmentally friendly packaging. We manufacture in-house the PET/PE sheet used to make our meatball trays, with patented Vacurema recycling technology incorporated in our sheet extrusion system. The result is a more eco-friendly end product, perfect to meet the growing consumer demand.

As a BRC accredited facility, our products meet the high food grade standards required, and undergo rigorous quality testing at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Our range of meatball trays is constantly expanding, with the addition of new, innovative product designs. Our New Product Development team are on hand to help you create bespoke meatball trays, with expert guidance and technical assistance throughout every stage of the development process.