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Vacuum Skin Trays (VSPs)

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of vacuum skin trays, our products are supplied to almost all major UK supermarkets. As a growing market, we are perfectly positioned to produce high quality skin trays in large commercial volumes.

As well as the variety of stock vacuum skin tray products available, we have an expert New Product Development Team, with years of experience in bringing unique packaging products from concept to shelf with short lead times. So we can offer you the right technical expertise to develop bespoke skin trays for your products, or to enhance the performance or appearance of existing products.

Quality Skin Trays

Our skin trays are produced using multi-layered thin gauge sheet, with a high content of recycled material.

The high quality finish includes the sought-after velvet finish upon peel back of the vacuum seal, which is also a built-in indicator of product tampering.

Extended shelf life

Skin trays have revolutionised the meat packaging industry, with the ability maintain the integrity of the meat for much longer, thanks to the vacuum seal which vastly reduces exposure to contaminants. The tight vacuum seal also reduces the risk of leakage.

The extended shelf life of vacuum sealed products has allowed the industry to reduce food waste, helping supermarkets to fulfil their obligations under the Courtauld Commitment.

Space and cost saving

The thin and compact vacuum-packed trays end product takes up less space. Shipping costs are therefore reduced, and more products can be packed on the supermarket shelves.

Innovative Vacuum Skin Trays

The demand for greater innovation in the skin tray market is growing, with food producers and retailers seeking to differentiate themselves and improve on the appearance and performance of standard vacuum skin trays.

Working closely with machinery partners, food processors, and retailers, our Innovation Team are at the fore in developing enhanced vacuum skin tray designs to meet this demand.